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Pittsburgh's Tropical Plant Rentals

Inspire Your Guests With Beautiful Tropical Plant and Tree Rentals

When it comes time to throw an amazing event, you are going to have to pay attention to your decorations. Whether you are celebrating a wedding or you are throwing an event to commemorate a career accomplishment, the addition of live indoor and outdoor tropical plants can make a huge impact. Here at Tropicals Plus LLC, we specialize in bringing the best of Pittsburgh's tropical plant rentals right to your party. Keep on reading to find out how our team can help you take your party to the next level!


While there are plenty of tropical plant and tree rentals available on the internet, Pittsburgh residents won't want to go anywhere but Tropicals Plus LLC. Why is this the case? Well, at Tropicals Plus, we offer the most beautiful of Pittsburgh's tropical plant rentals. Our female-owned company brings you flowering plants, succulents, tabletop plants, tropical floor trees and plants, and much, much more. Beautifully grown and delicately potted, your guests will be blown away by the vibrant colors that your tropical plant and tree rentals impart upon your event.


There are many events that our team can help you to plan for. From grand openings and graduation ceremonies to weddings, receptions, and open house stagings, renting live plants can have tremendous value! If you were to head to our website, you would find yourself looking at our Plant Rental Information Sheet. Interested parties can peruse this sheet for more in-depth information regarding specific prices, plant sizes, and delivery information.


Tropical Plus LLC is a woman-owned company based out of Pittsburgh. We service Pittsburgh as well as the rest of western Pennsylvania with plant rentals, fundraisers, gardener assistance, and plant therapy services. You can contact our location over the phone to discuss your plant needs and event requirements! Here at Tropicals Plus LLC, we are happy to make your smile bloom!

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