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Poinsettia Sale Fundraiser

Run a Poinsettia Sale Fundraiser With Help From Tropicals Plus LLC

If you own a business or non-profit organization, sometimes you might need to throw a fundraiser. Whether you are raising funds to support a loved one or trying to ignite a passion within the community for a good cause, these events can really bring people together. One of the best ways to conduct a successful fundraiser is by having a great gift to give back to your participants. Here at Tropicals Plus LLC, we believe that our poinsettia sale fundraiser is the way to go for non-profit and for-profit organizations alike!


When you set up a poinsettia sale fundraiser with our team, you can earn up to 35% profit just by selling poinsettias. With an unlimited earning potential based, our poinsettia sale fundraiser can help to change the complexion of a business or charity drive! If you would like to hear more about our poinsettias and their color combinations, head to our website to request additional fundraiser information.

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